Brand Premium Pilsener 5.0%  

Characteristic and tasty pilsner with a deep golden hue, obtained by using a small amount of dark malt. This pilsener, brewed according to an age-old recipe, is only prepared with the best quality barley malt and hops. And you can taste it!

Amstel Beer 5.0%

Our Beer! Since 1870 you can taste pure uncomplicated nature in Amstel: barley, malt, hops and crisp fresh water. The result? A mild bitter beer with a spontaneous character.

Brand Weizen 5.0%

A tasty Weizen with a full fresh taste, very popular among beer drinkers. And not just on hot summer days. Due to the traditional wheat flavor, Weizen is drunk all year round.

Grimbergen Abbey Blond 6.7%

With its 6.7% alcohol content, it is a beer that falls under the heavy blonde abbey beers. Grimbergen Blond somewhat resembles a Trappist taste in terms of taste. This is due to the softness you can taste when drinking this Belgian gold. The taste is very complex and can be described as hoppy, sweet-bitter, slightly fruity and with a full, round taste. The foam head is foamy and sticky, so it can leave a beautiful lace in the glass.

Brand Imperator 6.5%

A rich and powerful specialty beer. In fact, this is the oldest beer in Brand's range. Brewed as an under-fermented mild bock beer with amber malt since 1949, tempered by a light and pleasant hop bitterness. A heart-warming beer.

Grimbergen Abbey Dubbel 6.5%

The mixture of unique malts gives this double its typical deep red Burgundy color. Full, sweet-bitter and with a surprising hint of caramel. With 6.5% a rich beer to enjoy quietly.

Koninck Amber 5.2 %

A classic! Het Bolleke, connected to Antwerp, as well as the diamonds. This is a brilliant, amber-colored top-fermented beer with a spicy taste, a velvety aroma and a full head. Made with hop cones from Saaz and a mixture of pure malts, without the addition of brewing sugars.

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