Rogue 7.3%

Brasserie du Bocq brewery

A heavy blond beer. Wonderfully fresh and fruity with a slightly bitter aftertaste. Blond, lively beer with a nice full head.

Texel Goudkoppe 6%

Brewery Texel brewery

Natural raw materials, such as barley malt and water purified by the dunes. A full creamy taste and a soft bitter aftertaste due to the refined, specially selected hop varieties.

Duvel 8.5%

Duvel Moorgat brewery

A slightly fruity and dry aroma. Its dry yet slightly sweet taste makes it a delicious thirst quencher with a pronounced hop character.

Brugse Zot 6%

Halve Maan Brewery

A rich foam and a fruity aroma. It is a balanced beer with character. With refermentation in the bottle.

Delerium Tremens 8.5%

Huyge brewery

Slightly sweet attack, with a fruity character and a bitter touch. Aromas of citrus, tropical fruit and a hint of ginger.

Brand Heavy Blonde 8.5%

Brewery Brand brewery

Aromas of different types of hops. The selected yeast gives the beer the right fruitiness and flexibility. The combination of wheat, barley and caramalt gives this Brand its heavy character.

Barbar Honey Blon d 8%

Brewery Brasserie Lefebvre

A strong beer to which honey is added during the brewing process. You don't taste the honey directly, but it clearly contributes to the full, round taste.

La Chouffe 8%

Brewery Brasserie d 'Achouffe

The 'Kabouterbier'. A heavy blond beer of top fermentation with secondary fermentation in the bottle. Sweet, spicy and slightly bitter.

Seef Beer 6.5%

Brewery Antwerp brewing company

Seefbier is a unique historical and legendary Belgian specialty beer, and the historical regional beer of the city of Antwerp. A cloudy blond beer with a spicy taste.

Alkmaar's Blonde 7.5%

Dampegheest brewery

This beer is specially made for Alkmaar (cheese city) and has an addition of a by-product of cheese, namely whey. This gives it a creamy taste that is incredibly soft, full and delicious!

Vedett extra blond 5.2%

Duvel Moorgat brewery

A special taste, dominated by hops. Fairly dry, with a hint of lemon. A wonderfully pleasant aroma with a creamy malt flavor.


Westmalle Dubbe 7%

Brewery Westmalle brewery

A dark, reddish-brown Trappist beer with secondary fermentation in the bottle. The taste is rich and complex, spicy and fruity, with a fresh bitter finish.

Castle Brown 11%

Brewery Van Honsebrouck NV

Beer with a taste of roasted malts, hops and sugars, even tending to port. The unparalleled quality of the past and the beloved taste of the present.

'IJ WET 6.5%

Brewery 't IJ

The use of dark malt gives the Natte a reddish brown color. This also provides the softly roasted taste. The soft / bitter hops make it a nicely balanced beer.

Sancti Adalberti Double 6.5%

Egmond brewery

A wonderful scent of ripe red fruit and caramel. The flavors of caramel and roasted malt harmonize beautifully. Grown with organic grains and lime blossom. Worthy of an abbey beer!


Chimay blue 9%

Notre-Dame de Scourmont Abbey brewery

The pleasant scent of fresh yeast with a light rose-like floral note. The aroma on the palate accentuates the delicious scent, while also releasing a warm, slightly caramelized taste.

  St. Berardus from 10.5%

Brewery Sint Bernardus

Tingly on the tongue and predominantly towards a sweet deep taste with a firm aftertaste. A divine beer.

Pauwel Kwak 8.5%

Bosteels Brewery

Three types of malt, herbs, coriander and candy. A sweetness reminiscent of caramel with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Heavy bastard 10%

Dampegheest brewery

Dampegheest Heavy Hufter is a dark spicy heavy beer. Full-bodied aromatic with a slightly bitter and spicy aftertaste.


Rochefort 10 11.3%

Brewery Abbey Notre-Dame de Saint Rémy

Rochefort 10, also called the 'Merveille' or 'very best'. Fruit, coffee, malt, and hops all come up. In addition, the strong alcohol percentage provides the necessary heating.

La Trappe Quadrupel 10%

Koningshoeven brewery

La Trappe is the only Trappist beer in the Netherlands! It is brewed in the traditional way, according to a recipe developed by the Trappists of Koningshoeven. The taste is full, mild and pleasantly bitter.


Brand Saiso 6.5%

Brewery Brand brewery

A floral bouquet of hop aromas, nicely balanced with a fresh, fruity, dry taste. A thirst-quenching beer with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Boulevard Tank 7 8.5%

Brewery Boulevard Brewing Co

Delicious fruity aromas of grapefruit with hoppy notes. A taste so complex with a long, dry and slightly spicy aftertaste.


Brewery Oedipus

A saison with pepper and a light and refreshing taste. A bit like a wheat beer, but with the addition of pepper just a bit more 'bite'.


Jopen Xtra stout 5.5%

Brewery Jopen Brewery

The X-tra stout is a slightly heavier form of the Irish Stout that usually contains around 4.5% alcohol. It has a roasted bitter taste reminiscent of espresso coffee and dark chocolate.


Brewery Emelisse


Erdinger Alcoholfrei

Brewery Erdinger building

The scent is fresh with a slight sweetness reminiscent of banana. Full taste of wheat malt, creamy and a light hint of banana.

Wieckse Radler 0.0

Heineken brewery

A natural mix of non-alcoholic wheat beer and sparkling lemon water. The soft-sweet and at the same time mature taste is endlessly refreshing.

Heineken 0.0

Heineken brewery


Fire IPA 7%

Heineken brewery

The combination of fruity hop aromas and bitter flavors are completely in balance. The fruity scent of mango, powerful taste of citrus with a bitter, velvety aftertaste

Raging bitch 8.3%

Flying dog brewery

Mix of American IPA and a triple. The clear, orange-colored beer has an aroma full of fruit, flowers, wood and a dry and strong bitter taste.

Houblon Chouffe IPA 9%

Brewery d 'Achouffe

You can taste bitter hop flavor, but also grapefruit and orange with a hint of honey. A harmonious balance of flavors! An unfiltered beer, refermented in the bottle.

  Jopen Beautiful Nel 6.5%

Jopen brewery

Jopen Mooi Nel is extra heavily brewed and hopped. After the fermentation, the beer has been given some extra hops to get a clear character.

Hop be with us 6%

Jopen brewery

A gluten-free IPA. This variant is brewed with Mosaic hops and has a distinct mix of tropical and citrus fruit hop aromas. The bitterness is as you would expect from an IPA, very strong.

Boulevard Single Wide IPA 5.7%

Boulevard brewing brewery

A gold colored beer with clear floral, grapefruit and hop aromas. A mild caramel flavor with predominant hops and bitter notes.

Punk IPA 5.6%

Brewdog Brewery

A slightly fruity aroma of lychee, kiwi and passion fruit in balance with cherry and strawberry. But meanwhile an intense hop bitterness develops while drinking. So watch out!

'IJ IPA 7%

Brewery 't IJ

A pronounced hop taste. They add hops not only during brewing, but also during ripening, which gives delicious aromas of flowers and grapefruit. A fruity bitter aftertaste.


Erdinger Wei ße 5.3%

Erdinger brewery

Fresh and slightly tart taste. A cloudy wheaten beer with aromas of banana and clove. A fresh taste with a slight bitterness in the aftertaste.

Texel Skuumkoppe 6%

Brewery Texel brewery

Wheat beer to which various types of hop and top fermentation give a fuller taste than other wheat beers. Dark wheat beer. Secondary fermentation in the bottle and unfiltered.

't IJ WHITE 6.5%

Brewery 't IJ

A strong Amsterdam white beer that drinks dangerously tasty. Slightly cloudy, beautiful gold in color and with a nice, soft foam head. Slightly spicy and citrusy notes.

WHITE Trappist 5.5%

La Trappe brewery

A drinkable, fresh thirst quencher. Softly malty, slightly tart, and pungent due to the carbonic acid content. The only Trappist white beer in the world!


Rochefort 8 9.2%

Brewery Abbey Notre-Dame de Saint Rémy

A sturdy foam head that sticks well to the wall of the glass. The alcohol and dark fruit notes are nicely balanced. Slightly sweet and a little dry, yet with the necessary bitter aftertaste.

Brugge TripeL 8.7%

De Goudenboom Brewery

Powerful and bittersweet. A beautiful golden blonde color and a firm, rocky foam. The aroma has a typical phenolic smoked touch and the taste is bitter, rich and creamy.

Sancti Adalberti TripeL 7%

Brewery Brewery Egmond (Abbey beer)

The pleasant taste of malt and hops changes into a fine bitterness. The water from the holy well of Adelbert makes it a special beer made for the enthusiast.

Thai Thai 8%

Brewery Oedipus

A triple brewed with Thai herbs and spices. Galanga, coriander, chili pepper, orange peel and lime grass have been used. Every sip is a party!

Karmeliet Triple 8.4%

Bosteels Brewery

Very nice complex beer. Thanks to the hops quite bitters, but also creamy soft, a hint of vanilla and notes of peach and banana.

Stiff Hendrik Triple 9%

De Halve Maan Brewery

Attack of caramel, after which the taste flows into a considerable bitterness. Subtle notes of banana and prominent citrus in the aftertaste.

  Achelse vault blonde 8%

Brewery Achelse Vault

A hoppy aroma with a light caramel touch, a little yeast, and a pleasant hop bitter. Without the addition of herbs, the beer smells of liquorice, aniseed and dried fruit.

' t IJ Zatte 8%

Brewery 't IJ

A strong golden beer with a scent of fresh fruit and a hint of grain here and there. The taste is slightly sweet and ends in a nice dry aftertaste.

Westmalle Triple 9.5%

Westmalle brewery

Clear, golden yellow Trappist beer that secondary fermentation in the bottle for three weeks. Soft and creamy on the palate, with a bitter touch carried by the fruit aroma.

Koninck Triple d'Anvers 8%

De Koninck brewery

Slightly sweet taste and fresh, sparkling notes. Enjoy the fruity aroma and the subtle interplay between caramel and pale malts.


Texel Fire Beacon 5.5%                                 

Brewery Texel brewery

Slightly malty with notes of caramel and nuts, such as almond. Refreshing character and a surprisingly soft bitter aftertaste.

Koninck Wild Jo 5.8%

De Koninck brewery

A contemporary city beer refermentation with a wild yeast. The scent also reflects its stubborn character: not for softies! A slightly sweet attack with a bitter aftertaste and a slightly tart touch.

Jopen Koyt 8%

Brewery Jopen brewery

Jopen Koyt is brewed with gruit; a medieval spice mixture. It has a malty and spicy flavor, with notes of caramel. Very complex, yet soft.

La Trappe Isid'or 7.5%

De Koningshoeven brewery

Unfiltered, slightly sweet with notes of caramel. secondary fermentation in the bottle. Full soft-bitter taste and fruity aftertaste.

Columbus 9%

Brewery Brouwerij 't IJ

Heavy beer with a full flavor. The large amounts of malt and bitter hops create a complex full flavor.


Wittekerke Rosé 4.3%

Brewery De Brabandere

Surprising taste, spicy color and a sensual character. It is brewed on the basis of wheat beer with the addition of pure raspberry juice.

Castle rouge 8%

Honsebrouck brewery

A fresh, sweet and yet full flavor. A beer for cherry lovers with an overwhelming aroma. Delicious!

Fire Old Brown 3.5%

Brewery Brand brewery

Nice dark beer. A wonderfully sweet scent, but you can taste a fruity freshness with a hint of caramel. The aftertaste is soft and slightly sweet.

Liefmans Fruitesse 3.8%

Liefmans / Duvel Moorgat brewery

Fresh fruity taste with a sweet background. Blend of beer matured on real cherries and natural fruit juices. Served on ice.

Mort Subite Kriek Lambic 4%

Brewery Alken-Meas

Is brewed according to the age-old recipe of spontaneously fermented Lambic. Slowly matured in oak barrels to which delicious fresh cherries have been added. Slightly sour and sweet cherry flavor.

Amstel Radler 2%

Heineken brewery

Amstel Radler is a refreshing mix of Amstel beer and sparkling lemon water. Light beer and easy to drink. Wonderfully refreshing.

Liefmans Kriek-Brut 6%

Brou werij Liefmans / Duvel Moorgat

Deep red complex, a luscious sweet, perfectly balanced beer with fresh notes and a strong accent of cherries. The technique during the brewing process is also used in Champagnes.


Magner's Original   4.5%

CC Group brewery

Full flavor with a balanced acidity and sweetness. Has a delicate yet deeply fruity flavor from fresh ripe apples. Hints of oak and spicy wine fruits

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